Welcome Hisaka Middle East co , Ltd.

As our management norm of company articles “Sincerity”, since 1942, HISAKA has been provided our products as a special manufacture of industrial machineries related to “thermal energy”, “environment” “dyeing” “food” “medicine” and “valve” etc. through three(3) different business headquarters organization of Heat Exchanger Division, Vital Industry Division and Valve Division.


We are always striving for sophistication of technology and aiming at quality improvement with cost reduction. We aim at “worldwide Hisaka” by developing the new and unique products to meet customer’s needs.


Hisaka Middle East Co, LTd Particiapted in STC ( Sabic Technical Meeting ) 2016 .

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Hisaka Middle East Co,Ltd Participated in ADIPEC 2016 

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Hisaka Mddle East Co,Ltd expanded workshop to increase workshop capacity.

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