We provide the following services:


Hisaka Super Service Package
Consist global contract with our total maintenance services program with contract such as Performance check, Onsite Maintenance, Full Service Package, Mechanical cleaning. Superior benefit for your Hisaka Plate Heat Exchangers.



Hisaka Full Service Package

(Professional Maintenance for Plate Heat Exchangers)

Full Service Package” offers a comprehensive maintenance program to restore the original performance of your Hisaka Plate Heat Exchangers. In order to maintain customer’s for the Hisaka Plate Heat Exchangers in the best condition, Hisaka Middle East Co., Ltd offer maintenance program for “Full Service Package”.

“Full Service Package” provide total maintenance program by Hisaka Middle East Co., Ltd

We take Hisaka Plate Heat Exchangers and Subject them to a comprehensive maintenance program by including plate cleaning, gasket replacement, and plate pneumatic leak test, reassembly and shipping inspection. Since we can immediately exchange or repair any parts not only gaskets and plates, you can trust us with your Hisaka Plate Heat Exchanger even short maintenance lead times



Site Maintenance Services

“Site services” provides quick troubleshooting of leakage or it is very effective for limited time for maintenance. Our Skilled and Experience field engineer provide full range of PHE maintenance program such as disassembling, regasketing and reassembly.



Performance Test

Consist of seasonal periodic inspection that provide early detection of Plate Heat Exchanger (PHE) performance and condition



Hisaka History System

Hisaka Middle East Team created new system to keep our valuable relax and feel the relief and reliability of our services.

This system is very simple as follow:

Hisaka Middle East will keep a records of all the activity, services, performance tests or even emergency repair for each and every unit individually.

Clients will enjoy the recalling and retrieving of all information of any equipment which was serviced by Hisaka what so ever 24/7 anytime.

The system also will send a reminders for the due date of any services necessary or even action required to keep the unit performing well.