Our Profile

About Hisaka

As our management norm of company articles “Sincerity”, since 1942, HISAKA has been provided our products as a special manufacture of industrial machineries related to “thermal energy”, “environment” “dyeing” “food” “medicine” and “valve” etc. through three(3) different business headquarters organization of Heat Exchanger Division, Vital Industry Division and Valve Division.

We are always striving for sophistication of technology and aiming at quality improvement with cost reduction. We aim at “worldwide Hisaka” by developing the new and unique products to meet customer’s needs.


Our Vision


We deliver a sense of “Relief” through our after-sales services with sincerity.

Through providing our deepest technical skills and highest quality control to Plate Heat Exchangers, we really hope that those exchangers can be operated at good conditions for long time and they finally bring much profit to the clients by high production efficiency at their factory.

As the result, we wish to win a great honor from the clients saying “maintenance works done by HISAKA M/E lead to our great relief and satisfactory”, and also we wish to get “reliance” from them by an intimate relationship that we can propose a variety of solutions and give them a satisfaction. And, we don’t forget to do everything with “sincerity”, because we are a specialist.

Motto “Strict Quality”


Our Mission


  • First of all, we, Hisaka Middle East is needed to be widely known as new HISAKA subsidiary in KSA, i.e. “WE ARE HERE !” who is capable of providing maintenance and after-sales services with highest technical level and finest quality control incl. strict scheduling, of course by use of the genuine spare parts.
    Formerly our sub-contractor NAHDA did the same course at shop, supported by HISAKA. In addition, we are capable to make frequent visits to all department (i.e. procurement team, engineering team, operation and maintenance team, etc.) of our clients who are using HISAKA Plate Heat Exchangers, because we are here. We want to become best partner to whom you feel closest than anybody else. Such promotion is to be conducted through advertisement and the major exhibitions as well.
  • We will rouse this regional market to respect a periodical maintenance of the equipment having been operated for long term, prior to accidental leakage or trouble. This is not our beneficial action through the coming maintenance job, but we believe that this will finally contribute to your profits in the factory due to high production efficiency. We really support you whenever you want us.
  • Quickest services of proposal-making and widely technical and commercial responses will be one attractive way to you, not only by our deepest and finest technical skills through the works. We really want to be with you whenever you need us.